Bukit Timah Gold Bullion


Physical Gold

Gold bullion products in physical form often have a higher price than the gold spot-price. 

The gold spot-price is the price for which someone can buy gold certificates or futures on the commodity exchange. 

Based on the paper market volume traded, it is impossible for paper gold products to be fully backed by physical gold. 

Therefore, physical gold mint bars have a higher price than the spot-price of gold.

We sell physical gold minted bars from reputable manufacturers such as PAMP Suisse, Vulcambi, Perth Mint, etc

In a functioning market, there would be no such thing as a market premium for physical precious metals. The expression in itself reveals that the "market" isn't controlled by normal market forces. The commodity exchanges were originally meant to serve producers so they could hedge by selling future metals for the purpose of limiting uncertainty when raising money for production. The commodity markets today are controlled by large banks which trading volumes are much larger than there is backing by physical precious metals.

Knowledge about the paper market is rising and the market premiums on physical gold will increase over time as a result of this. 

In our debt based money system based on fractional reserves, the money supply must increase incrementally for the system not to collapse. The result is that more and more fiat-money is competing for the same limited amount of precious metals. Many currencies are not backed by physical gold, including the Singapore Dollar.

When enough people request physical delivery of paper metal products, it will be revealed that there is not enough physical metal to back up all the paper promises. 

Paper metal is created out of thin air and bought by money likewise created out of thin air. 

Real physical precious metals, on the contrary, can not be created out of thin air but have an inherent value that will persist over time.